Public Finance

Kassahn & Ortiz, P.C.’s attorneys are experienced in serving as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, and counsel to underwriters.  Its representative bond issues have included general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, and certificates of obligation for cities, as well as refundings for cities, municipal utilities, and school districts.  The Firm has worked with issuers, financial advisors, investors, underwriters, and insurers.  The Firm is a nationally recognized bond counsel firm listed in The Red Book and is registered with the National Association of Bond Lawyers.

Kassahn & Ortiz, P.C.’s attorneys have experience and expertise in every form of traditional municipal debt including general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, water and sewer bonds, tax and revenue anticipation notes, and certificates of obligation.  The Firm’s attorneys have participated in tax-exempt and taxable financings, new money issues, and all forms of refinancings (including current refundings and advance refundings).  Kassahn & Ortiz, P.C.’s attorneys have served as bond counsel or co-bond counsel for various government entities, including cities, counties, school districts, utilities, and State agencies.

As bond counsel, the Firm’s attorneys draft issuer documents, including bond ordinances/resolutions and related documentation, review disclosure documents, and counsel clients in various aspects of structuring financial transactions and applicable laws.  Kassahn & Ortiz, P.C.’s attorneys have assisted issuer-clients with the necessary transaction documents required to obtain Texas Attorney General approval and have experience in successfully negotiating with and obtaining approval for public obligations from the Texas Attorney General. As disclosure counsel, the Firm’s attorneys assist issuer-clients with the preparation of the official statement in order to disclose all information pertinent to potential bond investors.

Kassahn & Ortiz, P.C.’s attorneys have also represented underwriters in general obligation bond transactions, in the issuance of certificates of obligation, and in revenue bond transactions.  The Firm’s attorneys have also represented underwriters in various forms of refinancing transactions.  Kassahn & Ortiz, P.C.’s attorneys have served as underwriters’ counsel or co-underwriters’ counsel in connection with the issuance of bonds by cities, counties, utilities, school districts, and college districts.  As underwriters’ counsel, the Firm’s attorneys negotiate and draft disclosure documents and purchase contracts, advise clients in relevant federal, state, and local laws, and conduct diligence conferences with issuers and their counsel.


For additional information, please contact Leslie C. Kassahn, Public Finance practice group leader.

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